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Community Theatre Program
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About Community Theatre Program

Monticello Community Education aims to make the most out of our two theaters, located in the middle school and high school, by playing host to various acts and productions guaranteed to bring entertainment and insight to the Monticello community!

For more information, please reach out to the theatre manager, Ryan Siddell.

(763) 272-2262

Featured Courses

  • Storybook Theatre: Goldilocks & the Three Bears

    Order! Order in the courtroom! Today, we will be hearing the case of the Bear Family against one Goldilocks. But the question is… will it be a fair trial? Goldilocks is so cute… and doesn’t she know it?! However, when the Bear Family accuses her of breaking and entering, robbing them of their favorite meal and property damage, it looks like Goldi might be in over her head. The only problem for the Bear Family is everyone loves Goldi! Will they be able to convince a jury of their peers that she isn’t as sweet and innocent as she seems? Join us in this thrilling whodunnit to figure out who exactly broke into the Bear Family’s home, ate their porridge, sat in all their chairs, and slept in her beds! Both sides will have to remember their days exactly as they happened to prove that they are right. In the end, will Goldi be found guilty, or will the Bear Family’s case against her be dismissed? Storybook Theatre is a professional touring theatre company serving the upper Midwest. We strive to bring extraordinary theatrical experiences that educate, challenge, and inspire young artists through summer and school-year programs. Our mission is to educate, challenge, and inspire young actors in a professional theatre environment that cultivates creativity, artistic excellence, and personal growth. We aim to create more compassionate and creative individuals within the Theatre Community through the power of live theatre. Important Times & Dates to Note: Monday, September 30th - Auditions (3:30pm-5:30pm), Rehearsal (5:30pm-8:00pm) @ Monticello High School Performing Arts Center Tuesday, October 1st-Thursday, October 3rd - Rehearsal (3:30pm-8:00pm) @ Monticello High School Performing Arts Center Friday, October 5th-Saturday October 6th - Performances (7:00pm-8:30pm) @ Monticello High School Performing Arts Center