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**PLEASE REGISTER YOUR CHILD FOR THE GRADE THEY ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN DURING THE 2018-19 SCHOOL YEAR** Northwest Talent Academy courses are designed specifically for high-potential students. Because of this differentiation, the following criteria describe the Academy student: Enjoyment of intense study and challenge. Willingness to become involved. High degree of motivation. Desire and drive to complete projects. Successful group interaction skills. Self-disciplined. Emotional maturity. Cooperative nature. Student criteria also include: Recommendation of his/her local district. Currently in grades 2-8. Commitment to attend all days of the Academy. Important information: This program is invite only for students from Annandale, Big Lake, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose, Elk River Area Schools, Monticello and St. Michael-Albertville schools. Program registration opens on February 4th, 2019 at 8 AM. View the Northwest Talent Academy Class Catalog Here: